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President of National Terrazzo Tile & Marble

President of National Terrazzo Tile & Marble - Victor Longo

National Terrazzo Tile and Marble had its roots planted in the mid-1920s when Archie Longo, along with four other partners, began a small terrazzo company. All of the partners were from Italy, where the terrazzo flooring system was incepted. With their knowledge and skill of creating a seamless floor, the partners were moderately successful.

However, with the Great Depression in the 1930s, the partnership struggled and the company was closed for business. Four of the partners released their interest in the company and Archie Longo was the only original partner remaining after the 30s had passed.

Archie Longo re-started the business in the late 30s and remained a small terrazzo company in the Houston market until the 1950s.

With the birth of his two sons, Vic and Bob Longo, Archie would find the next generation to continue the Longo terrazzo trade. In the late-1950s, Archie became ill and Vic and Bob began to manage the trade that their father had worked at all his life.

Vic and Bob began a partnership that would continue the terrazzo trade, but also encompass a more diverse scope of installing floors including tile and resinous flooring systems. It was at this time that National Terrazzo began to emerge as a leading sub-contractor in Houston.

With most of their revenue coming from residential terrazzo floors, Vic and Bob began to look into commercial construction as a new means of expansion.

Throughout the years as the company grew, there were market demands for marble and granite materials. Soon, the brothers found themselves installing marble and granite vanities and floors.

In 1995, Vic suddenly became victim to a stroke. Bob was left to run the company with the assistance of his youngest son, Victor. When Bob became stricken with cancer, Victor slowly began to take control of his family company. In 1997, Bob passed-away and transferred the terrazzo, tile and marble legacy to Victor.

Today, Victor Longo is President of National Terrazzo Tile and Marble, where he employs about 140 office and field personnel. National has received numerous awards for its outstanding work including cement and epoxy terrazzo flooring systems, tile floors and walls, residential and commercial counter tops, vanities, floors, and fireplaces, and stone wall cladding. Having worked in almost every state and in several foreign countries, National prides itself on its high quality work.

The facility at National Terrazzo Tile and Marble includes 35,000 square feet of office/manufacturing area located on 2.5 acres in Houston, Texas. Equipment includes a full array of state-of-the-art machinery such as a radius stone cutting machine, bridge saws, edge polishers, edge saws, hole cutters and a complete finishing shop with experienced craftsmen.

National is a member of several industry organizations including the National Terrazzo Mosaic Association (NTMA), the Marble Institute of America (MIA), the Southwest Terrazzo Association (SWTA), and the Association of General Contractors (AGC- Houston Chapter). These associations set the standards for the stone and tile industries, and National is proud to be members of them.

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