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Terrazzo Floors:


 The most unique service provided by National is installing the ancient flooring system of terrazzo. Best suited for high-traffic public areas such as airports, office buildings and high schools, terrazzo is a flooring system that consists of marble or glass aggregate within a cement or epoxy matrix that is polished to reveal a colorful and decoratively patterned floor.

What is Terrazzo?

In general, terrazzo is a mixture of marble chips and colored cement or epoxy that is poured into an area and given time to cure. Once the terrazzo has hardened, it is ground down to expose the interior of the marble chips among the colored matrix.

There are several different terrazzo systems that vary according to
their matrices, aggregate, substructure, appearance and texture. Depending on the
existing floor, owner preferences or architectural design, there are many suitable options
available that will yield a beautiful flooring system.

How is Terrazzo installed?

The process of installing a terrazzo floor begins by laying out strip that is to separate the different colors and patterns of the terrazzo floor. Zinc, brass, plastic or aluminum strip is installed into the sand and cement underbed, or glued directly onto the concrete slab, following the artist's or architect's design.

The cement or epoxy mixture is then carefully poured between the strips, following the architectural plans. Different colors are poured at different times until the floor is completely covered with the mixture. The mixture is given time to cure and harden.

The finishing process involves grinding the top layer of the surface with a machine and filling in the air pockets with grout. Afterwords, a polishing machine buffs the floor to a matte finish and a penetrating sealer is immediately applied in order to close the pores in the surface of the floor.

Regular floor maintenance will result in a highly polished and glossy appearance.

What does terrazzo consist of?

In addition to marble chips, other materials may be used to complement the terrazzo floor. Glass, metals or mother-of-pearl may be used to create an attractive and unique floor surface. Different sized chips may be used together to create an interesting look.

These aggregates are then mixed into a matrix that may consist of either portland cement,
epoxy resin, or some other bonding agent.

For more information about terrazzo floors, please click this link to see our maintenance page or you can contact us using our contact page.

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