Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Floors


Precautionary Maintenance:
Terrazzo floors are most beautiful after following a regimen of polishing and buffing.

Regular Cleaning Procedures and Maintenance Recommendations:

New Terrazzo Floors:
Clean new terrazzo floors with a cleaning solution that contains a polishing agent. Apply the agent to small areas at a time. Scrub the cleaned area with red pad on a floor machine or auto scrubber. Once the area has been scrubbed, remove the excess solution with a wet vacuum. Rinse the area thoroughly and remove the excess rinse with a wet vacuum. Mop the area twice with a clean mop. After the floor has dried, apply a sealer, following the instructions on the label.

Existing Terrazzo Floors:
Floors that already have an applied sealer may be maintained with a polishing agent. Daily floor polishing will yield a glossy floor finish. Always make sure to dust mop the floor before using an auto scrubber or floor machine. Polishing products and cleaning regimens are provided by several manufacturers.

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