Terrazzo Floors

General Maintenance Tips:


Clean granite regularly with warm soap and water or a white vinegar and water mixture. On marble, never use vinegar, citric acids, or other acids to clean the surface, as the surface will etch and the polish removed.

Marble polish can be applied to counter tops periodically to renew the glossy finish.

Marble and granite polishes may be found at tile supply stores or at some hardware stores.

Clean up spills immediately to prevent absorption into granite and marble.

Use a sealer on counter tops to prevent staining.

Sealers may be purchased at tile supply stores and some hardware stores. Sealers will need to be reapplied periodically depending on the type that is purchased. Ask a National salesperson for more information about sealers.

Don't use abrasive cleaners to clean the granite or marble.

Protect tile floors with mats and rugs to prevent slipping and scratching.

Thoroughly rinse counters and floors after cleaning to remove any residues.

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