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National Terrazzo, Tile & Marble houses thousands of slabs of granite on-site

National Terrazzo Tile and Marble
has a huge inventory of granite and marble from which you may select a color that suits your needs. The color selections on this page are granites that are currently in stock, however, availability is subject to change without notice.

National imports material from around the world

Absolute Black
Baltic Brown
Black Galaxy
Blanco Perla
Blue Pearl
Brazilian Brown Pearl
Cambrian Black
Carmen Red
Cashmere White
Coffee Bean
Dakota Mahogany
Emerald Pearl
Giallo Veneziano
Impala Black
Juperana Colombo
Juperana Viara
Labrador Green
Lavras Green
Shiva Pink
Spanish Pink/Rosa Porrino
Juperana St. Cecilia
Sunset Juperana
Swedish Mahogany
White Juperana

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