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Granite Counter Tops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bath. Whether you are remodeling or building a new house, granite will add a touch of class and beauty to your home.


What is granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that can be found all over the world and is the result of volcanic activity from millions of years ago. Granite blocks are quarried out of the ground and then cut into slabs, polished and shipped around the world.

Withstanding millions of years of underground pressure, granite can also endure the daily abuse of kitchen wear and tear. Granite is a hard surface and will not scratch from the use of knives or other sharp objects on its surface. Additionally, hot pots and cold dishes will not burn, melt, crack or discolor the surface of granite.


How do I get an estimate for granite?

Getting an estimate for your granite counter tops is as easy as faxing over a copy of your kitchen dimensions to an experienced estimator at National Terrazzo. From your drawing, an estimated price can be figured based upon your preference for edge treatment, backsplash style and color selection. However, if you do not have a drawing of the area requiring granite, a granite mechanic can be sent to your home to take the necessary measurements from which a price can be estimated.

If you would like an estimate for your counter tops, you may begin by filling out the form in the residential section of this site. An estimator from National Terrazzo will then call you to discuss the specifics of your counters.


How are granite counter tops made?

Hand Polishing an undermount bowl hole

Once you have chosen National Terrazzo to fabricate your counter tops, an experienced technician is sent to your house to template your cabinets. From these templates, the granite slabs are cut by diamond blades on a large bridge saw machine. Once the pieces have been cut, they are polished by hand or on a large edge-polishing machine. After a high gloss finish is achieved on the edges, the cutouts for sinks and cooktops are formed.

Marble and granite slabs are cut on large bridge saws





The granite is delivered to your home and installed by trained mechanics to fit beautifully into your kitchen or bathroom.


How many years has National Terrazzo been installing counter tops?

Incepted in the 1920's and incorporated for over 40 years, National Terrazzo has the experience and expertise needed to install granite counter tops to your satisfaction. When using National Terrazzo, you will have peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are installing your counter tops to last a lifetime.

Bonded and insured, National Terrazzo is a reputable and legitimate business that will go the extra mile to install a high quality counter top.





National Terrazzo Tile and Marble not only imports granite and marble from all over the world, but also fabricates and installs custom counter tops in your home. You may visit National Terrazzo's fabrication shop and select the exact slab that is to be used for your counter tops.

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